In The Beginning 

Being raised on an island made me appreciative of the qualities and authenticities of life. I remember having numerous fruit trees, ground provisions and herbs in my backyard. I had never lacked nutrients, joy nor was I exposed to artificial things or unnecessary ingredients. There was peace. I had the ‘Ital Glow’... Until I migrated to Canada and experienced several years of acne, dry-flaky skin, unusual body odor and damaged hair. Having acne took my confidence away. I didn't know how to wear makeup or my skin ailments. The most embarrassing experience was having the majority of my shirts stained due to using unpleasant deodorants. I started researching how our bodies work and what is favorable to our health and wellness. That's when I reverted to living an Ital lifestyle and researched raw and clean solutions for topical and internal problems. 

In January 2021, Mae Roots was founded to provide unmeasurable quality products that heals and helps you to enhance your authentic lifestyle.


The Creator Behind Mae Roots

I'm Nicole Grant, creator of Mae Roots natural products. My journey to creating a line of herbal products started with changes in my lifestyle in 2014. Over the years, I have dedicated and educated myself on healthy eating and a natural lifestyle - back to the way we were supposed to live - our roots. . I have always been interested in knowing how the body functions in its most natural state and how the environment, herbs, foods, activities and skin care products correlate with health and well-being. someone's. Overtime, skincare and wellness is all about tunneling for me. I've read many books, continued to research raw herbs, treatments, ingredients and information for product development, took courses on skin care formulas, and tried and tested countless times. wrong. I take pride in every aspect of building Mae Roots Naturals, a trusted brand that is gentle, results- and satisfaction-oriented, simple and effective, and completely rooted. However, I am neither a chemist nor a licensed esthetician. Everything shared is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as fact.


About Mae Roots 


To honor our motto Being One With Nature, using premium quality ingredients, sourced from nature to cleanse, nourish and transform one’s life. Each product is intended to encourage people to embrace a healthy and ‘Rooted’ lifestyle. 

To produce wholesome, trustworthy, organic, and effective products free from toxins, artificial ingredients and synthetic chemicals. 

To use simple, non-gmo ingredients bursting with nourishing nutrients that are fresh, cruelty-free, and organic. 

To keep God/Elohim— the creator, at the center of our thoughts and interactions. 

To build an impactful community with our customers, maintain transparency, honesty, and integrity in our business practices.  


Core Values

Nature: Preserving our environment  –Cultivating & Recycling

People: Together we are impactful and provide hope

Quality: Top Tier

Innovation: Always looking to Nature

Education & Attitude: Teaching, listening, and learning –There is always a way!

Integrity, Honesty & Respect: Treat everyone with dignity and kindness,  always embrace equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

Why Mae Roots? 

We are Rooted! ... Which means, we are dedicated to revert to nature (how we were designed to cohabitate on earth and care for our body in every aspect) being wholesome and one with the earth. 

Our Formulas:

Our recipes and methods are designed from scratch using holistic knowledge and natural components. The entire production process from start to end, is strategic and nature conscious to produce the ultimate product. With certified organic ingredients, including herbs, butters, cold pressed oils, pure absolute and essential oils; we create products that are nourishing and effective. 

Quality & Value:

All of our products are made in-house, and made in small batches, to ensure all our products are fresh, consistent, and perfect. Our price per ounce is one of the lowest on the market. Of course profit is important to keep the business going, but it is not the driving force of our passion. We want to make natural, organic skin care accessible to everyone.


We believe mother nature provides the best natural ingredients to support beautiful, healthy skin and nourish your mind, body and spirit. We believe that isolates and extracts cannot capture the skin-nourishing properties of intact botanical ingredients. Our products always and always will contain only natural and organic ingredients. Nothing artificial, nothing synthetic, no GMOs, only healthy natural ingredients you can trust.


Our products, developed by Nicole, a devoted holistic nutritionist and herbalist, are crafted to produce safe and optimal results. The process of learning is continuous and is shared within the Rooted community. The goal is simple—to use the power of nature to transform each area of your life.